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We started April because we felt the need to create a company that’s not detached from the origin of the product. We no longer wanted to drink a beverage defined by stock exchanges and mass production, especially if we do not need to. The tea we drink should be defined by taste, by quality.

For us, the ‘human aspect’ comes first. We feel it’s time companies take responsibility for all stakeholders throughout their supply chains. Those stakeholders aren’t necessarily only of a human nature but include the entire ecosystem a company is part of and operating in.
It will be a long way to go but we are deeply passionate about it. It’s our ‘Core’.

We focus on real leaf tea, such as: White, Green, Oolong, Black and Jasmine tea.
Straight from origin. Tested so always EU compliant.

For more information, please sent us an email: info@apriltea.nl.